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The Vibe

Our most common compliment from our guests that have stayed with us, is just how tranquil our space is. Waking up to the sounds of the birds in the morning, to the general buzz of the farms around us moving their dairy cows, or the neigh of the horses riding on the nearby farm, Firefly Falls is the perfect place to get some much needed R&R.


We aim to keep it this way, a tranquil place for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 
No loud music is allowed (unless an exclusive booking has been made i.e. booking out the entire venue for a wedding, event, birthday part, etc.), and all music to be off at set times.


Although we do like a tranquil vibe during the day. We are always up for fun Vibes when the sun goes down. Often in the entertainment area with the bonfire going and some chilled tunes, or a guitar around the fire. So many friendships have been made here, and we can’t wait to make more!


We all love a braai, so we have a few around the property. We also have an undercover splash pool that doubles up as a 12 man hot tub so you can enjoy those chilly nights. Our Boma area has a rad little bar with a chill area, hammocks and a large bonfire pit.

The Gardens

The garden is massive, with plenty place to chill and hang around in the various hammocks places all over the property, lay on a picnic blanket or sit under one of our large trees, there’s enough space to find your own serenity. The large open area is awesome for ball sports and for kids to run around. This area also features a small putting green that can keep you entertained for hours.

Forest Walk

Our 1.5km forest walk is an easy walking trail which can be enjoyed by the entire family. A looped trail which traverses from the top of the waterfall through the forest and down to the waterfall pool below.


(Please note the waterfall does not run all the time- it is seasonal). There are many beauties to be seen in this forest, from a wide range of wild mushrooms, to the old and wise Forest Elder and Yellowood trees, this trail immerses you into nature, and is literally at your doorstep. 

Internet & Chill

There is also the communal “connected” area, for those that are working while traveling, with fast internet and big enough bandwidth, or if you simply want to lay on a couch and read a book.


One thing is for sure, you will find what you need at, or around, Firefly Falls.


Why the name Firefly Falls:

The Firefly:
When we first moved to this beautiful plot, on one of the very first braai's we had with friends and family, it was a night when the fireflies came out in full force. Every tree in the garden and the front of the forest was lit up by Fireflies, making everything look like a 3D light show. 

Fireflies are actually beetles, and in their adult form of their life cycle, they do not live very long, approximately 2 months, and most interestingly do not feed in their adult form. The light they produce is for various reasons but mostly to communicate or for the males to attract females. 

The Falls:
On our 5 ha plot, we have 3 ha of forest. Running through this forest is a tributary that runs into the Salt River system, and in this tributary we have a high drop off section that turns into a beautiful waterfall when we have had enough rain. 

So, just like our guests come and go, so do our fireflies and our waterfall. A unique aspect to our little plot, and therefore the birth of the name Firefly Falls. 



Garden Route Accommodation

Firefly Falls has won a 2022 Certificate of Excellence Award!

"We are delighted to present you and your listing Firefly Falls with a Certificate of Excellence Award for 2022.


This certificate was awarded based on your listing achieving Gold Prestige Status."

Garden Route Accommodation

Firefly Falls has won a 2022 Best Value Award

"We are delighted to present you with a 2022 Best Value Award. We are honouring you with this prestigious award based on consistent and excellent rates offered by

Firefly Falls to our guests.

Thank you for always ensuring our guests get the best value."

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Firefly Falls

Committed to protecting the natural environment and contributing towards local nature conservation.

Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Firefly Falls was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience. 


We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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