Why the name Firefly Falls:

The Firefly:
When we first moved to this beautiful plot, on one of the very first braai's we had with friends and family, it was a night when the fireflies came out in full force. Every tree in the garden and the front of the forest was lit up by Fireflies, making everything look like a 3D light show. 

Fireflies are actually beetles, and in their adult form of their life cycle, they do not live very long, approximately 2 months, and most interestingly do not feed in their adult form. The light they produce is for various reasons but mostly to communicate or for the males to attract females. 

The Falls:
On our 5 ha plot, we have 3 ha of forest. Running through this forest is a tributary that runs into the Salt River system, and in this tributary we have a high drop off section that turns into a beautiful waterfall when we have had enough rain. 

So, just like our guests come and go, so do our fireflies and our waterfall. A unique aspect to our little plot, and therefore the birth of the name Firefly Falls. 


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