Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow day visits?

- Yes, but pre-booking is essential. We encourage all to make use of our venue daily, whether for picnics, braai or relaxation. 

Can I book the whole venue?
- Yes, persons are allowed to book the entire venue exclusively. Contact us for more information.

Should I bring my own bedding and towels?
- No, Firefly Falls will provide guests with clean bedding and towels, but guest should bring their own toiletries. 

Do you facilitate weddings, retreats and event?
- Yes, but we only provide the venue and standard accommodation. Additional services/supplies would have to be self supplied or rented, our team can assist you with any extras you might needs, we aim to try and support our local community. 

Is there a communal kitchen?
- Yes, we do have a communal kitchen, and some of our rooms are on the schedule to be upgraded to have their own kitchenettes

Am I only limited to my allocated bathroom or can I make use or the forest bathroom etc.?
- Bathrooms on the premises is open for all to use and not just limited to guests of specific units.

What amenities do you offer?
- Currently with Covid regulations, we cannot supply amenities. We do supply free hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser. 

What is the minimum stay period?
One night stay for mid week bookings, but weekend bookings we only accept two nights 

Do you offer accommodation for long stays?
Yes we do! With great competitively priced long term discounts. 

Do you have Wifi facilities?
Yes, we do offer our guests free, reliable wifi on the venue.

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